TDCJ# 00907082

Telford Unit
3899 State Hwy 98
New Boston , TX 75570

Date of Birth: 08/30/53

Parole Eligibility Date: 2038-02-07
Projected Release Date: LIFE SENTENCE
(However, I would like to stress that we have recently filed my
first application for a Writ of Habeas Corpus based on
"Newly discovered evidence" which my attorneys assure me
will finally reveal the truth that I did not commit this crime).

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About Me;
5'9", 165 lbs
Med. Build
Brown Hair, Hazel Eyes
Physically Fit, No Tattoos
W/M, Disease Free

My Interests are;
Prior to my incarceration
I was self-employed in
the Food Concession Business.
I book independently on numerous
County Fairs, Rodeos,
Outdoors Flea Markets;
Bike Rally's, etc.
I own (2) Food Stands.
I have an "Onion Ring" and
"Curly French Fries" Stands.
I also do "Funnel Cakes",
"Hot Dogs," and "Corn Dogs"
in this Onion Ring Stand.
I also have an "Italian sausage Stand"
to which I do the Following items:
Italian Sausage, Polish Sausage,
Boneless Butterfly Pork Chops,
BBQ Chicken and Ribs,
and Grilled Boneless Pork Chops.
I can also do many other items in this stand.

My Hobbies and Sports are;
I love to fish, hunt and garden.
I love to play Softball and Bowl.
I want to learn to play golf someday.
I like Football and Race Cars.
I want to set my stand up in Daytona 500 someday.
I love to ride horses.
I love to build things and work in the garden.
I love a fireplace and romantic evenings.
I love the Christmas Holidays.
And all of the cooking that goes with it.
I love to take long walks and hold hands.
If there is still such a thing.
I also love to travel and
love to camp in the mountains.
I love to dance.
I am not a big drinker and
No longer smoke.
I sing a lot of the old Elvis tunes.
I also sing a lot of the old.
Conway Twitty songs.
I just love to sing.
I also play the guitar and
wish to learn the saxophone someday.
The music I like is:
Country, Oldies, Blues & Jazz.

My Goals are;
My goal is to retire by the age of 58,
and then I would like to
reduce my Food Stands to only one.
Then I want to simply travel
for a while working only a few Bike Rally's
such as Sturgis, ECT.
And a few outdoor Flea Markets.
I wish to grow old with a new love
of my life that I know is out there somewhere.
She and I will sit on the front Porch of
our new log cabin each afternoon
and watch the sun go down
over the Rocky Mountains.
I have many other dreams and hopes
I will share with the right person
someday soon I Pray.

My Dreams are;
One of my dreams is to relocate to Colorado
and build me a log cabin.
I wish to find me a few acres of land near Vail or Aspen.
I also want to relocate my Fair route from the East Coast and
Build me a new route in the following States;
Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Montana,
Nebraska, and then do a Few Fairs
in Arizona in the fall.

The Reason why I am Incarcerated...
I am incarcerated for the
(ALLEGED) Offense Of Capital Murder;
I was assessed a sentence of Life.

In closing,
I wish to stress my innocence.
The truth will prevail in my case.
I know you probably here so many
say the same Thing over and over.
But, I committed no offense such as
I have been accused.
I will share this horror if one truly wishes to
know how I came to be accused and falsely convicted.
But, with the new evidence the DNA has
produced and the new witnesses
and evidence we have located
that the prosecutor suppressed,
will certainly bring the truth forward.
I cherish the day I can breathe fresh air again;
Walk barefoot on the grass;
Smell the earth from a tilled garden;
Hear the silence of the woods;
Feel the touch of someone who loves and cares;
To know that I am loved for whom I am again
And not to be deemed guilty
for what someone has falsely stated.
I wish to have friends
who I can love and be loved.
Most of all,
I wish to be trusted again and not
Looked down on because of where I've been.
I wish to be called by my name and not a number.
I wish to be judged as a human and not an animal.
I pray for the day to come when I can stand before
The world and prove to them my innocence.
Most of all;
I need to be loved and to love again.
I will answer all correspondence,
Male or Female.
Communication to the world
from behind these Walls
is the tool to our sanity.

Above all else I love Honesty.

God bless you all,
and I thank TPPW for
helping us Texas Prisoners
finding pen pals on the internet!

The reason why I am incarcerated
99 YRS
Year Entered TDCJ: 2000


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