TDCJ# 00844539

Polunsky Unit
3872 FM 350 South
Livingston, TX 77351

Date of Birth: 11-20-78

Parole Eligibility Date: 2018-05-20
Projected Release Date: 2038-05-20

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About Me;
Dark brown eyes,
Black hair,
Small build
Height 5'5",
Weight 156lbs

My Hobbies and Sports are;
My hobbies are stargazing,
and building miniature model trains.
I love basketball and baseball
-I loves those Houston Astros!!!
Leisure Time is reading,
hanging with friends,
watching movies.

My Hopes, Dreams and Goals:
I hope to get out of prison while
I'm still in my early thirties.
My dreams are to travel to outer space.
I am an amateur astronomer
and I love everything related
to astronomy-and to science, really.
I also dream of owning a million dollar
home with an indoor swimming pool,
and traveling the world.
My goals in life are
to have my literary work
published and read by celebrities

The Reason why I am Incarcerated...
Violated Probation on
Agg. Kidnapping Charge
Sentence 40 Years.
Year Entered TDCJ: 1998


A Short Story

Love At First Sight
(By Nasario Rosas)

I hope I meet a girl-for once I hope I meet a girl,
I thought as I rode in my friend,
Alex's, car with three of our friends.
It was a Saturday night and we were heading to a little
get- together a Girl had invited us to.

When we got to the girl's house
I was very pleased to see that there were
seven girls there---
seven very attractive girls! That meant that there
were enough girls for all of us.
That meant the chances were good
that I was going to end up with a girl.

While sitting in the living room
with the girls and talking to them,
I began checking them out.
All of them were pretty
-some prettier than others,
But there was one girl whom I
couldn't keep my eyes off of.
She was sitting on the large sofa
in front of me way to the other
end of the sofa.

She was beautiful!
She had brownish shoulder length hair.
She had a round face and big pretty eyes.
The red conservative dress
she had on did little to hide her shapely figure.
She was quiet and shy.
I got that impression because she
didn't say much and she didn't
speak to any of the guys.

I tried not to make my attraction
obvious by only looking at her
when she was looking elsewhere.
At the same time, I wished she
could know that I was crazy about her.
I also wished none of my
wannabe player friends would go over
to the girl and start talking to her
and maybe win her.
I wished she wasn't attracted to one of my friends.
But most important,
I wished she didn't already have a boyfriend.

I got my hopes up when none
of my friends tried talking to the
girl who had instantly won my heart,
and that livened my mood.
That's when I thought I had a good chance.
That's also when I hoped
my hair wasn't nappy.
I hoped I didn't do or say anything dumb,
or anything that would
make me look foolish.

Then things took a turn for the worst.
Eight other guys got there
and my chances diminished greatly
that I would talk to the girl.
And by the way all the guys were trying
to talk to the girls, I knew that
most likely it was going be one of
those nights when I didn't even
get to talk to a girl. The guys who
had got there were flamboyant and
confident; they had no problem talking
to girls. And the girls eagerly returned
the attention the guys were giving them.
The guys were, after all, good looking.

During the course of the night,
three guys tried talking to the girl,
and one who
had captivated me. And every time a guy
tried talking to her I'd swallow
my heart and tried not to look while she talked to him.
It would kill me that I didn't have the
courage to go up to this girl and talk to her.
Even if I had had the courage though,
I probably wouldn't have been lucky enough
to win the girl.
The other guys who tried
alking to her were way
better looking and if she turned them
down then she would probably turn me down too.

It had gotten late and everyone was mingling.
I was sitting on the couch doing
nothing. When one of the girls said "Rita",
do you mind if we get a
ride home with Jerry" the girl,
Rita shook her head
and said she didn't mind.

So her name is Rita-what a pretty name, I thought.
And her name echoed in my head many times.
I was delighted to have found out her name,
but only momentarily,
because it seemed she was going
to go home with her friend,
with Jerry and with two other guys.

When Rita and her friend left with
the guys if dampened my mood.
And shortly
after that we left. As we headed home
I hated to think that one of the
guys had won Rita. Again I had passed up
another chance to talk to a girl
I really liked. I hated the way I
was-too scared to talk to a girl
because of the fear of getting turned down.
As a result, every time I went out
with my friends all I would do was look at girls.

Two days later,
I was riding with one of my
friends-one of my friends who were
lucky enough to win a girl at the get-together.
We were going to pick up
another one of our friends,
when my friend casually said,
"Hey", I forgot to tell you.
One of the girls at the little party
we went to Saturday wanted to talk to you.
"Which one", I asked,
him with a trace of anxiety.
I think Betty said
her name was Rita-I is not sure.
But I think she was
the one with the red dress.

At that point, joy completely filled me.
I wanted to scream:
Hell Yeah! But instead I just grinned.
I was happy because for once
a girl whom I liked also
liked me-she chose me,
out of all those guys

I told my friend to get me her phone number.
And when he did I called her. But that's another story

I would like to thank all of you at TPPW very much
for your services and for your kind hearts.
I will anxiously be awaiting a response-any response!

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