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GRAD (Gang Renouncement and Disassociation Process)

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice has initiated a process, which will provide a method for offenders to remounce their membership with a known Security Threat Group (STG). This procedure will be titled the Gang Renouncement and Disassociation Process or GRAD. Those offenders willing to renounce their gang affiliation will be required to participate in the process and associated activities until successful completion is attained. This process will be 9 months in duration.

After successful completion of this process the offender will be released into general population and places on a unit decided by the State Classification Committee. If the offender does not successfully complete the GRAD process or is found to be involved in STG activities after release to general population, the offender will be returned to Administrative Segregation and will not be allowed to participate in the GRAD Process again. The offender must express, in writing, a desire to renounce his membership in the STG and it must be to the Unit Security Threat Gang Officer. The Security Threat Group Management Office (STGMO) will make the final decision on any matters pertianin to the GRAD process.

In order to participate, an offender must meet the following basic criteria:

-no offender assaults for a period of at least 2 yrs

-no staff assaults for a period of at least 2 yrs

-no major disciplinary cases of any kind for at least 1 yr

-no extortion cases for a period of at least 2 yrs

-no weapon possession cases for a period of at least 2 yrs

-no aggressive sexual misconduct cases for at least 2 yrs

-must be level one status for a minimum of 1 yr

-must have renounced his membership in a STG

-Attachment B must be completed at the unit and regional levels

-must sign a release form requesting participation

-must sign the GRAD renouncement form

-must not have been involved in any STG act for a minimum of 2 yrs

-no security precaution designator of (ES)escape, (SA) staff assault, or (HS) hostage situation

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