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The People Of The United States Of America
Who resides in The Great State Of Texas
Declares Justice For All Texas Prisoners;
Insure Freedom From Harm, Demand Security
and Protection, Promote Health and Wellness,
Inspire Wisdom and Knowledge For The Men & Women
Who are held captive behind The Texas Department
Of Criminal Justice Correctional Institutions Division.

The Men, The Women, & The Children Who Suffers in
Anguish with Our Beloved-Ones, Hold TDCJ-CID Accountable
& Responsible For Every Actions, Every Deeds, Every Motives and
Every Decisions they make Towards & Against The Incarcerated.

This Is Our Preamble, Our Creed, Our Statement.

Everything The Black Birds [TDCJ-CID] Stands For
Is... Anti-American, Anti-Christian, Anti-Human.

We come against...
your lies, your deceptions, your deceitfulness, your cunningness.

No more will you...
shame us, mock us, and deceive us.

We choose to Walk In The Light and Speak The Truth,

while you choose to walk in darkness and speak lies!

How long will it take for you to see 'your' mistakes?

We Speak To These WALLS... That you have built...
And command them to FALL!

In Time They WILL!!!

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